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At Carmel Mountain Ranch Dental Care, we know family is important. That’s why we treat your family like our own. We want to take the time to get to know you, and work together to create a dental plan that fits your life. We provide the latest in state-of-the-art dental technology so you can get the treatment you need. Whether you’re looking for a routine check-up or a full-mouth makeover, we do it all. Our friendly, thorough service and convenient location make us a one-stop shop for all your dental needs!

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Dr. Carpenter

Dr. Matthew Carpenter and Associates have over 30 years of combined dental experience creating beautiful smiles in the San Diego area. Together, they’ve improved the lives of thousands of patients by providing quality, comprehensive dental care that not only looks great, but vastly improves their patients’ quality of life.

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what makes us different

At Carmel Mountain Ranch Dental Care, we're committed to delivering top-quality dental care, tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our welcoming team is ready to provide a comfortable and personalized experience for everyone.

Comprehensive care

Our practice offers a wide array of treatments, ensuring comprehensive dental care for every family member.

Advanced Technology

We utilize the latest technologies to provide efficient and effective dental care.

Multilingual team

Our diverse, multilingual team is ready to assist you in languages including Japanese, Spanish, and Tagalog.

Convenient Location

Our office is conveniently located in Carmel Mountain Ranch in the Home Depot Center. Come see our San Diego dental team today!

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Adult Plan


For patients with a healthy periodontal status.
  • 2 Cleanings
  • 2 check up exams
  • X-Rays as needed *
  • 1 Emergency visit
  • 15% OFF dental treatment
* CT Scans not included

Child Plan


For Children, age 12 and under.
  • 2 Cleanings
  • 2 check up exams
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • X-Rays as needed *
  • 1 Emergency visit
  • 15% OFF dental treatment
* CT Scans not included

Perio Plan


For patients with a compromised periodontal status.
  • Up to 4 Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings
  • 2 check up exams
  • X-Rays as needed *
  • 1 Emergency visit
  • 15% OFF dental treatment
* CT Scans not included

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What other people are saying

Dr. Collado, Dr. Carpenter, and the entire Carmel Mountain Ranch Dental Care staff are professional, kind, competent and a pleasure to visit. I have been going to CMR Dental Care for over 20 years, and they have successfully dealt with the myriads of my dental needs.

I plan to remain a lifetime client!

Diane C.

I honestly have had the best dental experiences here at Carmel Mtn. Ranch Dental Care. Dr. Carpenter and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly sweet. I’ve been coming here to have crown work done and I couldn’t be happier with the treatments so far.

Dr. Carpenter is so meticulous and puts a tremendous amount of time and artistry into what he does. I can’t leave out his staff either; they are wonderful and make me feel so comfortable; I always know what to expect during every interval of the process I’m going through whether it be re. treatment, care, or payment. I’m never left in the dark about anything. I’m thankful (out of the many dental offices I’ve gone through to get here) I’ve found my #1. I’ll be coming here for many years to come.

Jocelyn N.

Looking for the #1 dentist in San Diego?? Look no more! You found him!
Dr. Collado is the best! His staff is very welcoming and you’ll feel like family.

Evelyn C.

Dr. Carpenter and his staff were great. From the receptionist to the dental hygienist to the assistants. I got a root canal, a crown, a regular cleaning and a filling in the span of two months and they did a great job.

Dr. Carpenter started with a root canal and as he was doing the build up for the crown, after about 2 hours of work he noticed that the build up needed to start at a deeper point and there could be a chance of leakage so he decided to do it all over again. It was all free of charge and though I did have to go back in, I was assured that it was being done correctly by an honest dentist. My crown feels just like my real teeth and they got the tooth color really well too.

When Dr. Carpenter was working on my fillings he advised me on doing important fillings only and did not try to make an extra buck by doing unnecessary fillings. He also advised me on better ways to take care of my teeth and to try to avoid clenching and keeping my mouth acidic for long periods of time

When I went for a cleaning the Hygienist spent almost an hour on cleaning my teeth really well and she also gave me advice on the correct way to floss.

A great team! I would definitely recommend the team.

Abid B.

Very content in finding an extremely professional dentist (Dr. Carpenter) and skilled hygienist as well. Dr. Carpenter is easy going but serious with making sure he provides quality care. He appears to be very involved, disciplined in his field of expertise and open minded if one has a special request or strong preference regarding the aspects of their dental care and maintenance.

I say this because, by comparison I am not a very easy patient! Dr. Carpenter listened to my concern and my request – what I preferred less of (x-rays), and he and I were able to come to a compromise going forward. He was serious in listening, provided me his feedback, and where I needed, he provided me latitude to appease my priorities and concerns. I appreciate a care provider that can find a middle ground without ego while still allowing him to provide the standard of care that maintains his good standing, yet allows me to have some say in my care and what I receive or don’t want to receive.

Aside from that challenge, the office setting is very comfortable (zen-like) with lots of lighting and sky lights, and it is immaculately clean – which reflects on this dentist office’s overall care and attention to details.

The hygienist was thorough, explained every step, attentive to discomfort and again exuded obvious discipline and structure to her field of expertise.

The front desk staff where very friendly. While some people are very sensitive to waiting in the waiting room beyond their appointment time – I am not, especially for a dentist and hygienist that provided me more than enough time to address my questions and dental care.

Eric R.

Let me start by saying like many, I have quite the fear of the dentist. I did not go for 8 years out of fear and once I started going, I couldn’t even call for an appointment without crying on the phone. I know I know… but my mom goes here and loves it, and she recommended it knowing my fear level. My dad now goes here too.

So, I have moved a lot in the past few years and seen different dentists. They were ok I guess but none of them made me feel any better about going back… I’ve never once not spent my visit crying to myself for no reason in the past, but this office broke the trend and helped calm me down. When you walk in, the office does. not. have. that dental office smell. If you understand the dental fear you understand this is a huge plus! Inside this place barely even looks like a dental office, it’s really beautiful.

Dr. Carpenter came in to see me before my cleaning rather than after. I’m not sure if that is standard procedure but I really liked that, as I am nervous the whole time they will come in at the end and tell me I need 100 root canals :(. But when he did, unlike other dentists who walk in, put on the gloves and just lean you back and dive in, he sat down and just asked me how he could help. That alone calmed me down. His demeanor is also very kind and gentle.

I really appreciated the detail and time Dr. Carpenter spent looking at my teeth. The technology there is unlike anything I’ve seen before. He even took close up photos of each of my old fillings to show why they needed to be redone sooner than later. Seeing these images and 3D renderings of each tooth was so fascinating it also helped chip away at the fear, as seeing this made me want to be proactive about my teeth. He was very thorough with my exam (not 3 minutes as I have experienced in the past) and conservative in his treatment recommendations.

My hygienist was Jennifer who explained every detail of what she was about to do. You could tell she did not rush any area of my mouth and was very thorough.

Brittany B.

First time at this dental care facility. Everything and everyone was great. We needed to find a new dentist because we are new to the area. Happy to say Carmel Mountain Ranch is my new dentist office! Dr. Collado spent a lot of time with me. Tasha and Rocio are amazing. Only good things to say!

L F.

Dr. Carpenter is an wonderful dentist & pays extra attention to details. He always does wonderful work & he’s the only dentist I trust. The office staff is helpful & friendly as well.

Natasha H.

My crown broke and I was desperate to get help! I called the office and, in less than 24 hours, I had a brand new permanent crown! Everyone was very nice and professional. Dr. Collado was kind and gentle. He explained my options and did an excellent job with my crown in less than three hours. I was extremely pleased and will continue to get my dental care at this office. Thank you Dr. Collado, Marina, Ryoko, and Elizabeth for your patience! You are the best!

Rosario D.

I have been with Carmel Ranch Dental Care for almost 20 years! Dr. Collado and his staff are just simply amazing. Dr. Collado is so caring. In fact, he helped me immensely by doing a root canal yesterday at the last minute. I couldn’t believe the immense relief it brought, and I can only express gratitude for him.

This office is very special to me and my family. They have taken such good care of me and my family over the years.

Jo Ann O.

I’ve been to many dental offices in my young life and Carmel Mountain Ranch Dental Care serves as only the second time that I’ve actually enjoyed going to the dentist.

It’s a very calming and clean office. Once you walk in you’re not overpowered with that creepily fresh aroma that most dental offices are exasperated in, nor are there big television screens flashing obnoxious pictures of people’s improved smiles. Nope, you walk in and it’s a very nice waiting room and a few minutes later they take you in back.

I think one of the effective characteristics of this office is that rather than the traditional open-space floor plan of most dental offices, this facility is more closed off, so there are rooms and hallways draped in non-traditional colors that don’t remind you of being in a dental office.

This office is professional, they are incredibly gentle on your teeth, and they are extremely skilled at what they do. They’re not pushy with anything and they work extremely hard. Dr. Collado and Dr. Carpenter are running an excellent show here. And Troy is hilarious. Dude’s a total G.

Greg B.

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Carpenter. Not only is he a perfectionist, his bedside manner was genuine, kind and reassuring for both myself and my daughter. His assistant was kind as well. The staff was also very friendly, and when I had an insurance issue, Jenna went above and beyond to help resolve it.

At the risk of making it harder to get an appointment, I highly highly recommend them. It’s not too often you come across a dental office that has an entire staff that is honest, ethical, kind and does great work.

Theresa S.

Dr. Collado is kind, caring, and extremely competent. The office staff if great, very friendly, but still professional. I would highly recommend this dentist to everyone looking for a dentist.

Pamela S.

I had the worst toothache on Thanksgiving day that I was scrambling to find an emergency dentist the following morning. My regular dentist was out of town & out of the numerous dentists I called that day, Dr. Collado came to my rescue. He did a root canal & I experienced some swelling the day after but he made sure to follow up on me through email. Even though he was an out of network provider for me, his fees were decent & comparable to an in-network provider that even my insurance company was impressed. His wife & his staff are so friendly & sincere. I am definitely making the switch to have him as my primary dentist & will be recommending him to friends & colleagues.

Micah B.

Expert care, compassionate approach

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